Monday, November 24, 2008

The Tree is up.....

The tree is up and the mantel is decorated. There is a dusting of snow on the ground and a real chill in the air. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music is playing on the ipod so Christmas will soon be here!

The theme for my decor this year is cream and red. I put 6 sticks of red berries at the top of the tree.
Strings of red wooden cranberries came next.
I sorted through all my ornaments and picked out only those with cream and red.

There are a half dozen silk dark red hydrangeas and 4 cream ones tucked into the branches.

I finished off the tree with a cream and red toile tree skirt. I even found some cream and red toile ornaments.

But the angel said to them,
"Do not be afraid, I bring you good news
of great joy
that will be for all the people."
Luke 2:10

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Painting with Red

Have you wanted to paint red and been afraid? Don't be afraid just go for it! some prep work first, use blue tape to tape off the ceiling and baseboards or get a good trim brush if you have a steady hand for cutting in. Be ready to either paint 3 or 4 coats or 1 coat of primer (tinted gray or dark pink) and at least 2 more coats of paint. Either way you are going to paint that room 3 times or more. But it's worth it!

The next step is choosing the right color. Burgundy reds mostly have pink undertones and
lean towards Victorian or formal decor. Brown reds, think really dark rust, lean towards country or traditional decor and clear bright reds are more contemporary.

Burgundy can be very dark and is really cozy in a small room like a powder room or a library. For more of a library feel accent with navy or deep green.

Brown reds often go great with golds and olive greens, either to use in paint on an accent wall or furnishing, furniture and accessories. I suggest you paint your ceiling the lightest shade on the color strip of the accent color. The ceiling is often the forgotten surface and deep colors need a soft color on that surface not stark white.

My daughter, who lives near DC, has painted her living room bright red. It is Glidden paint and the color name is Drumbeat. She loves it so much that she says she will paint that color again if she moves. The color is similar to Valspar Cut Ruby. She has done excellent in keeping her look contemporary and warm by accenting with taupe furniture and black accessories.

It's best to choose eggshell or satin paint finish for red paint. It allows some light to bounce off the surface and doesn't look muddy like flat paint. Flat paint is only for ceilings, in my opinion.

My living room is painted Valspar Persian Dance, an old gold color with an accent wall in Valspar Cooper Molera Fandango Red. Quite a mouthful for a name of a color, but it's one I love and have used in other houses.

Want to have some fun with color? Check out this site:

Finally, find your color inspiration in something in your space or maybe in a favorite item of clothing in your closet and have fun painting!


“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.”- Psalm 95:1-2

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All about pumpkins

Pumpkins and gourds are abundant in fall decorating and I am amazed at the different materials used to make them. I am especially intrigued by white pumpkins that are popping up everywhere. I love getting a great bargain on out of season decor, but timing is very important in buying seasonal. Buy too early and it's not marked down enough. Buy too late and the good stuff is gone. Most of the time, it's just luck and a careful eye.

I have some very cute pumpkins that are made out of a variety of materials. The pumpkin on the right is made of chenille that has been painted with acrylic paint.

This one on the left is made of ceramic and is dark red, not really a pumpkin color.

These two pumpkins are my favorites. They are made of velvet and beads. I found them at a craft fair in Ohio and they are hand-made.
I Peter 5:7 - "Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you."


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Favorite Fall Decor

I love Fall! I'm into spreading the colors of fall throughout your space, but less is more, in my opinion. Just a little, in a tasteful way, is so much better than to have sensory overload. Here are some examples of items that I have changed to highlight the fall colors. I love this old tool caddy. It's so fun to decorate for any season and there are many ways to add color to the table or buffet. I sometimes fill it with apples or lemons or oranges. You just need a plan for the fruit after your event if you use real fruit!

Small baskets down the middle of your table with like items or small glass bowls would also be nice. During a dinner party, be sure to keep things on your table low enough for guests to see over and room enough for all your dinnerware, glasses and food.

"Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins. Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay." 1Peter4:8,9