Thursday, November 13, 2008

All about pumpkins

Pumpkins and gourds are abundant in fall decorating and I am amazed at the different materials used to make them. I am especially intrigued by white pumpkins that are popping up everywhere. I love getting a great bargain on out of season decor, but timing is very important in buying seasonal. Buy too early and it's not marked down enough. Buy too late and the good stuff is gone. Most of the time, it's just luck and a careful eye.

I have some very cute pumpkins that are made out of a variety of materials. The pumpkin on the right is made of chenille that has been painted with acrylic paint.

This one on the left is made of ceramic and is dark red, not really a pumpkin color.

These two pumpkins are my favorites. They are made of velvet and beads. I found them at a craft fair in Ohio and they are hand-made.
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JenLo said...

I LOVE those velvet ones!

Coleen said...

Thanks, they are really cute.