Monday, December 8, 2008

New Lights

There's a new chandelier in my dining room and it's all decked out for the holidays! I used greenery around the lights, keeping it well away from the bulbs, with a few red berries and wooden cranberries. Simple and festive. It's fun to decorate your dining room or kitchen chandelier. You can go more elaborate with ornaments and bows or keep it simple with greenery.

My old chandelier was a relic from the 80's and there was no way to decorate it. New lighting is an inexpensive way to update your home. Lighting fixtures start at around $50 and go up from there. If yours has a nice shape and design, but is bright brass, try using spray paint. Take it down and use blue tape to cover what you don't want painted and use a flat bronze spray paint.

The husband is a handy fellow to have around to do the wiring! I'll do the decorating.

There is another 80's relic in the entry foyer that I have a new matching chandelier for... but that will require a tall ladder. While I have the husband on a ladder, the foyer could use a fresh coat of paint!

Some wise men from eastern lands arrived
in Jerusalem, asking, "Where is the
newborn king of the Jews?
We saw his star as it rose and have come to
worship him." Matthew 2: 1,2



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Dave said...

You husband is a lucky guy!